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As Mr.&Mrs.Gray we are fighting the greyness of the world we live in; the apathy, the narrow-mindedness and pre-programmed behaviour.


Jeroen van der Linde



Carmen Hutting


As Mr.&Mrs.Gray we are fighting the greyness of the world we live in; the apathy, the narrow-mindedness and pre-programmed behaviour.

We want to breach the prevailing trends and patterns of behaviour and confront ourselves, and thus the audience, with ingrained thinking patterns and conceptual frameworks.
We want to disturb the cultivated balance of the establishment. To achieve that we use familiar visual language, concepts and objects, to have a starting point to turn the world you know upside-down and provoke a reaction.

We feel we live in a world that is dominated by restrictive thinking. In our opinion we let negative values determine the framework through which we see the world.
It’s easy to close your eyes for the mess we humans create. Driven by greed, laziness and the commercials that fuel our desires we keep on consuming in search for a superficial form of happiness.

We shake our heads in disbelief of the amount of stuff we people create. And to make matters worse, we throw it all away again in the same absurd pace. There are mountains of trash everywhere, made of discarded and rejected stuff. We like to give these objects a second chance, not by covering up the landfill with earth and to turn it into a nice hilly park, but though upcycling and by making yesterday’s newspaper hot topic again.

We do not believe in letting ourselves be restricted by the limitations we encounter, and complaining and despairing over everything that’s wrong. We do believe in focussing on the possibilities, appreciate the value of what we have and figure out how to turn it into something better. We want to fight the oppressing greyness, the apathy and numbness.

The work we make as Mr.&Mrs.Gray is about possibilities, chances and new adventures often to be found in the smallest and most trivial things, the things we see when we look at the word with rapt attention. What others regard as rubbish, useless, stupid or simply a waste of time and energy, we see as treasures. The name Mr.&Mrs.Gray symbolises the nuances you see if you take the effort to see beyond the superficial and the pre-dictated conceptions. It refers to our curiosity and our love for diversity.

Curiosity is not a needless luxury these days. With an undeniable environmental-, financial- and food crisis , a time when resources are running low and governments focus blindly on budget deficit and retrenchment, we have to depend more than ever on our own creativity and resourcefulness.

We think art is about life, and therefor we think it shouldn’t just be isolated in the safe environment of a white cube. It has a place and a function in public space, where the public can respond to the work, to make it a part of their realm of thought.

The only way to change something is to create movement, to get people to do something that differs from the fixed behavioural patterns they have been following for years.
Therefor we hope to inspire people that they don’t have to put up with everything, that they can be self-sufficient, and that even if you think you don’t have anything useful or valuable at all, there are still lots of possibilities if you care to look for them.

Garbage does not exist!

All good wishes,



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