Border Sessions 2016

Thursday 7th 2016 we hosted a workshop on ‘Thinkering Government’ during the Border Sessions festival in The Hague, a city hack to engage citizens in a dialogue about matters that concern us all. After a short plenary introduction by Rob Ruts, the participants were divided into two work groups, one hosted by Martine Zoeteman and one hosted by us. Our session focussed on using the ‘Zuiderpark’, one of the biggest parks in The Hague as a place to start a dialogue. The session yielded insightful and very useful ideas how to go about this.

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IoT at Forum Da Vinci in Sint-Niklaas

April 1th we travelled to Sint-Niklaas in Belgium to do a talk and host a workshop on the Internet of Things. The setting was exiting, because we were invited to the Forum DaVinci, a  comprehensive school (state college or middle school) to engage the students in exploring and thinking about the possibilities of IoT. We spoke abut the history of the internet, the early stages of IoT, socio-economical implications and future scenario’s. After the presentation the students selected a workshop and participated in brainstorms and discussions about how they could shape the future. We were amazed by the striking insights and engagement of the students, and to us it proved how useful introducing a concept as IoT as early as possible to young people could be.

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