International Streaming Festival 2013

We’re proud to announce that Disconnected from Reality has been selected for the International Streaming Festival 2013!
On the 30th of November the 8th edition of the Streaming Festival will start off the at two offline locations, Het Nutshuis in The Hague and Boonika in Zagreb, Croatia.
Both events start at 20.00hrs. The selected movies will be screened on the Streaming Festival website from 1 till 15 December 2013.

Paperboat 2.1 - Sunbathing


Visit the festival’s site:
Streaming Festival: Disconnected from reality



On October 9th we participated in the ‘Blijf weg van het Malieveld’ happening, an ongoing experimental exhibition/workspace between 11 and 12 at the Malieveld in Den Haag. Other participating artist were: Kees Koomen, Aart Verheul, Maarten SchepersEllen Rodenberg and Topp&Dubio.

Our performance ‘Connection’ involved two ribbons and two trees.


Title: Connection
Description: Performance at the Malieveld in Den Haag, the Netherlands.
Dimensions: –
Date: November 9th, 2013

Media Luna

Registration of the performance ‘Media Luna’ on the 5th of October at the ‘Kunstrand’ in Dordrecht, the Netherlands.

Title: Media Luna, Wonderland 131007
Description: Movie
Dimensions: Duration 0:01:07
Date: 2013

Media Luna at the Kunstrand

On October 5th the ‘Malieveld groep‘ was invited by Kunstrand in Dordrecht for a joint presentation with artists from Dordrecht. Other participating artist were: Aart VerheulMaarten Schepers, Ellen Rodenberg, Yvo van der Vat, Theun Okkerse, Frans van Lent and Kees Koomen

Our performance ‘Media Luna’ is the execution of a graphical interpretation of a fluid dance sequence.

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MediaLuna 2

Media Luna 3

Media Luna steps

Title: Media Luna, Wonderland 131005
Description: Performance at the ‘Kunstrand’ in Dordrecht, the Netherlands on October 5th 2013
Dimensions: –
Date: 2013

Sparkling Dutch Mountains

Registration of the performance ‘Sparkling Dutch Mountains’ where Mr.&Mrs.Gray take the Paperboat 3 for a grand day out in the Dutch Garbage Mountains.

Title: Sparkling Dutch Mountains, Paperboat project 130930
Description: Movie
Dimensions: Duration 0:04:04
Date: 2013

Rowing Up Stream

Registration of the Performance ‘van Malieveld tot Bierkade en hopelijk een stukje’ on September 7th 2013 in Den Haag.

Title: Rowing Up Stream, Paperboat project 130907
Description: Movie
Dimensions: Duration 0:06:51
Date: 2013

Maidenvoyage of the Paperboat 3

On September 7th we participated in the ‘Blijf weg van het Malieveld‘ happening, an ongoing experimental exhibition/workspace between 11 and 12 at the Malieveld in Den Haag. Other participating artist were: Leontine Lieffering, Topp&Dubio, Laura van EedenKees Koomen, Ellen Rodenberg and Maarten Schepers.

PB3 malieveld
A good day to launch our Paperboat 3.
The weatherforecast promised a rain-free afternoon, so hopefully our Ghostmoney project worked!

This version paperboat has a cardboard frame and a paper maché coating.
Paperboat 3 frame
Hopefully it will last longer than our previous attempts, because this time we’ve planned to start at the Malieveld and row home, a 2,5 km journey through the canals of Den Haag!

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Paperboat 3


Title: The Maidenvoyage of the Paperboat 3, Paperboat project 130907
Description: Performance at the Malieveld Den Haag, the Netherlands on September 7th 2013
Dimensions: –
Date: 2013

Disconnected From Reality

Sunshine, blue skies, 35ºC, a perfect day to be out on the water and test our Paperboat 2.1!

Disconnected from reality’ is the registration of one of our attempts to stay afloat with a paper boat. In this short movie we take our Paperboat 2.1 for a grand day out at a recreation site in a typical Dutch suburb, called Zoetermeer.
A big part of Zoetermeer is actually a landfill, covered up with parks and houses.
So the people there actually live and spend their leisure time on top of the trash they have created in the first place.


This movie was also shown at the Streamingfestival 2013, and is now a part of their online archive.


From Mr. Gray’s ship log:

I’m sitting in my little boat, peacefully reading my newspaper, when I see two lifeguards approaching. I’m preparing myself to give them a friendly smile, because them being respectful and helpful gentlemen, they would probably want to rescue me from a life-threatening situation.
But quite the opposite from the feared Arabic guy who wished me ‘Good luck!’, one of the life guards shouted ‘And now we should throw a big stone at him!’ his buddy laughing out loud when he said this. Of course, I should assume this was supposed to be a joke, but they are supposed to be responsible people who watch our safety.
So, again, we tend to think that immigrants are no-good, but I have to conclude that poor neighbourhoods can be far more tolerant than neat suburbs!

Thanks for watching!

Title: Disconnected From Reality, Paper boat project 130803
Description: Movie
Dimensions: Duration 0:07:17
Date: 2013

58 shots of Mr. & Mrs. Gray

Movie of our intervention at a completely deserted Malieveld in Den Haag, the Netherlands on August 3rd 2013.

Title: 58 shots of Mr. & Mrs. Gray, Shots 130803
Description: Movie
Dimensions: Duration 0:01:04
Date: 2013