Maidenvoyage of the Paperboat 3

On September 7th we participated in the ‘Blijf weg van het Malieveld‘ happening, an ongoing experimental exhibition/workspace between 11 and 12 at the Malieveld in Den Haag. Other participating artist were: Leontine Lieffering, Topp&Dubio, Laura van EedenKees Koomen, Ellen Rodenberg and Maarten Schepers.

PB3 malieveld
A good day to launch our Paperboat 3.
The weatherforecast promised a rain-free afternoon, so hopefully our Ghostmoney project worked!

This version paperboat has a cardboard frame and a paper maché coating.
Paperboat 3 frame
Hopefully it will last longer than our previous attempts, because this time we’ve planned to start at the Malieveld and row home, a 2,5 km journey through the canals of Den Haag!

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Paperboat 3


Title: The Maidenvoyage of the Paperboat 3, Paperboat project 130907
Description: Performance at the Malieveld Den Haag, the Netherlands on September 7th 2013
Dimensions: –
Date: 2013

There’s a first for everything

We can dream of boats and imagine how well they will float, but eventually there comes a time when you just have to put your ideas to the test.

There's a first for everything by Mr.&Mrs.Gray


Title: There’s a first for everything, study for Paper Boat 130321
Description: Photo, paper, ink and acrylic
Dimensions: 32 x 50 cm
Date: 2013

Launch first paperboat

The rain has finally stopped. Time to launch our paper boats!

Title: Launch first paperboat, Paper boat project 130106
Description: Registration of performance in Bouron, France, January 6th 2013
Dimensions: –
Date: 2013