Dustbin City

Dustbin City exists in virtual space. In a way it exists inside the computer.
Dustbin City is a 3D- visualisation of an extruded consumptive pattern, translated to
Urban Landscape. It embraces the beautiful packages and other temporal necessities that are losing their value rapidly. Everything that ends up in the trash is worth the same: dust. And out of dust beautiful things can grow.
Ashes to ashes dust to Dustbin-city.

Dustbin City - City Hall

The image of trash in this smudgy and imperfect world needs to be replaced by the sparkling package of Dustbin City in cyberspace. We always try to fill the void in our lives with useless materialistic products, but this will only work if we comprehend its beauty.

Dustbin City  - Webcam

Since Dustbin City is a projection of a perfect consumptive pattern, the only way to get there is by being the perfect consumer. But alas, our consumersociety is an imperfect one, so as a result we are imperfect consumers. Therefor the only thing we can only offer you is a glimpse of Dustbin City, a sneak preview.
We don’t consider the physical absence of Dustbin City compromising for its existence. On the contrary, Dustbin City is about the essence of a consumptive pattern and has therefor a higher existential density. So we can regard what we call reality through the eyes of Beaudrillard: Everything we consider reality has actually ceased to exist.

Dustbin City - Mousehouse

Dustbin City - Church

Dustbin City - lolly

Dustbin City - Chip

We’ve started out trying to imagine what an urban landscape build from trash would look like. But not the scruffy looking trash we’re used to see, but the glory of what once was beautiful, stripped from the dirt and muck.
So we emptied all the virtual trashcans we could find, and made a shiny and sparkling place.

Dustbin City - prullie met DBC lijntekening

Dustbin City is made to look like an urban environment because the huge amounts of trash we’re producing together is a direct result of our urban consumptive behaviour. We’ve chosen a suburban instead of a real urban setting because we see suburbs as the ultimate example of thoughtless consumptive behaviour. They are surrealistic world by themselves; people living there are becoming inconsiderate puppets, alert on what they’re supposed to purchase but blind to what they are actually consuming. Thus for the rejected objects the trashcan is actually the gateway to a new and better life.
The size of one’s mental restrictions determines the size of the environment, his consumptive behaviour the shape.

Dustbin City - Map

Dustbin City -  panorama

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