If the gods don’t like you, they give you a boat

‘If the gods don’t like you, they give you a boat.’ – Mr. Gray


On a nice summer day most people like to be out on the water, having fun in a boat. But boats tend to be expensive objects, and not for everyone to enjoy.

In the olden days boats were even more expensive. But a barber from Bergum in the Netherlands came up with the luminous idea of building a boat for people who were less fortunate in the financial department. In his spare time, he constructed a boat in a totally unconventional way, with smaller and cheaper pieces of wood.
Although the upper class laughed at his attempts to make a boat out of firewood, he continued anyway and in 1928 he launched the first BM (Short for Bergumermeer). And in the end, the joke was on them, because nowadays you can’t imagine the Dutch waters without a BM. http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/BM_%28zeilboot%29

This barber from Bergum inspired us to make a boat with limited means and/or cheap materials. And since paper is sort of the same as wood, and the daily paper ends up in de dustbin every day, there’s a lot of cheap material fur us to upcycle or recycle.

Maybe we still sink in half a hour or so, but we are confident that we’re able to conquer the world in a paper ocean-cruiser one day!

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Paper Boat 2
Paperboat 2 houtzagerssingel Den Haag

BM / 16m2 Photo by: Pieter & Renée Lanser
BM / 16m2 Photo by: Pieter & Renée Lanser